Hello ! Welcome to Belt Education Foundation!

Belt Education Foundation
Board of Directors
  • Kathleen Prody: President
  • Patti Sweeny: Treasurer
  • Suzi Maki: Secretary
  • Janet Meissner: Director
  • Lanell Ashley: Director
  • Brad Hicks: Director
  • Mark Lanier: Director, School Board Representative
  • Cindy McCafferty: Director, School Board Representative

The Belt Education Foundation is dedicated to supporting education through grants for class projects, materials, and student organizations not funded by the district.  In addition, the Foundation awards an annual scholarship of five hundred dollars ($500.00) to a Belt High School graduate. 
Donations may be designated toward the scholarship fund or to a specific class, project, or group.  Scholarship donations are applied to the principal of the scholarship which remains untouched.  Interest on the scholorship fund funds the annual scholarship.

The Foundation  is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that was established for the public to financially support Belt Schools through means other than the tax assessment process.    With the declining enrollment and funding challenges it was felt that further support was warranted in order to provide the students of this valley with  the experiences and opportunities they so much deserved.   Donating to the foundation can be in a fashion which meets your needs, supports our youth and provides the donor with a healthy tax deduction in many situations.   The District  encourages patrons to consider Belt Schools when they are doing estate planning,  year end tax work or are just wanting to give back to the community in support of our youth.